2002 - 2005

"Compared to the pioneers of form in modern art, such as the scientific methods of pointillism, the concepts of abstraction or the stylisations of pop art, Albrecht Gehse's painting can appear traditional at first glance. Initially as a successor to Soutine or the late Corinth, but also as a revival of older patterns, as in the late portraits of Titian or Rembrandt. However, such an approach remains largely superficial, so to speak, when looking at the skin of the painting.
We must not be deceived by the bloodthirsty style of painting. However, it is as powerful as in the previous painterly expressives. It is like that: Extremely heightened colour vision and an almost primitive immediacy of mallust drive the painter Gehse to his pictures."

Here you can download a selection of images from the cycle "AUFRUHR" in print quality.