Photo Gallery

As a twelve-year-old,
with self-built boat
With Mahi Mahi
in the waters of La Réunion
Grandfather, the painter and musical lyricist Ludwig G'schrey (1907-2002)
The Valentyne Suite,
second home
On board with wife Denisa
With his revered teacher
Prof. Bernhard Heisig
"Tools of the trade"
Museum director Adam Budak
and gallerist Johann König
in Gehse’s studio
As ping pong double at Berlin championships
With chancellor
Helmut Kohl
in his studio, 2003
Hans-Joachim Schulze
(Gruppe 37,2)
Ausstellung des Zyklus “Aufruhr” im Gasometer,
 Berlin 2016
Reinhard Müller, Denisa Gehse
and Frank Walter Steinmeier
Art fair at St. Agnes, Berlin, August 2021
Gallerist Johann König in front of Gehse painting